Slip Collar For Dogs

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  • Black Slip collar made of strong cord with 1 movable plastic limiter and chrome semi-circle
  • Designed for dog training and obedience
  • Recommended for daily use under supervision and consultation with a professional dog trainer
  • 6 sizes available; when fitting, leave a gap of 1-2 cm with Adjustable neck circumference
  • Soft material covers at the ends of the collar to prevent excessive limiter movement
  • K9, obedience, agitation, Special forces and services schools, IGP, bite work, prey drive training, Heeling and command lessons


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Durable and resilient, our black Slip collar is constructed from robust cord and features a movable plastic limiter and a chrome semi-circle, making it ideal for dog training and obedience. For daily use, it is recommended under supervision and consultation with a professional dog trainer.

Available in six sizes, it’s crucial to leave a 1-2 cm gap when fitting. While the slip collar boasts an adjustable neck circumference, the limiter should not be positioned at the very edge. To prevent excessive movement, soft material covers are placed at the collar ends.

This Slip collar serves as a valuable training tool in various contexts such as K9, obedience, agitation, special forces and services schools, IGP, bite work, prey drive training, heeling, command lessons, and other instances requiring control over the dog’s movement and behavior.

The advantages of our Dog Slip Collar include its exceptional strength and sturdiness, suitability for all breeds, adjustability, waterproof nature, easy cleaning, effortless application and removal, multifunctionality, handmade craftsmanship, chrome fittings, lightweight design, and endorsement by K9 professionals.

Designed and handcrafted in Poland by DINGO GEAR, the slip collar is versatile, serving both training purposes and daily walks, always recommended under the watchful eye and guidance of a professional dog trainer.

4 reviews for Slip Collar For Dogs

  1. Kelly Arnold

    Sometimes a French collar can be a bit thin, this one is perfect. So handy for walking our dog

    Please ensure you seek out a professional before using training tools on your dog

  2. CarolB62

    My Cockapoo is taking his time learning not to pull!! I’m using this as a step up from the Canny collar, which he hates! Hopefully he’ll learn that when he doesn’t pull he gets the nice collar on!! I like the fact it has 2 inhibitors to stop the collar being too tight or too loose

  3. Staffiemum36

    Bought this as recommended by my dog trainer and found it really helpful with trg my Frenchie who is reactive to other dogs. Happy with purchase

  4. Georgina Robinson

    Amazing quality and love the way they have 2 limiters so you can adjust the collar for the comfort of your dog whilst in use. It works really well and the design is plain and simple. Highly recommend.

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